Our mission is to close the Preparation Gap for all K-12 students.

It doesn’t matter where you are on this journey.

It doesn’t matter how fast AI changes the world around us (from driverless cars to conversing with whales). You can close the Preparation Gap by getting really good at reading and mathematics. These skills give you the superpowers to think critically and creatively.

The research is clear on this.

The students who master reading and mathematics will be the ones who create, manage and play with the most AI toys in the future. So start dreaming about 4-day work weeks, making award-winning AI films, programming farm-to-table robot-chefs and learning to surf on the weekends. And all the while, the AI that you control is slaving away in the background, making sure you and your friends live the good life.

There’s more good news.

Sure, you’ve got to do your part and study hard. But we are making studying more engaging. You’re going to read about how Google Earth discovered that cows stand facing north. You’re going to calculate the distance traveled by a Disney rollerblading robot. And everything you learn will be precisely (using AI) aligned to your exams, so you are prepared to ace them.

Closing the Preparation Gap can usher in a life of abundance for everyone.

So we’ve got one last thing to ask from you in exchange for all this good stuff. Make a small pledge (even just £5) when you sign up to support a bursary.

Let’s make Study Hall a place where everyone feels included on our epic journey


The Study Hall team and advisory board, and your trusted AI Study Guide